In the olden days, beetles were engaged in insect fights for entertainment and sometimes for gambling purposes.

Beetles are insects that belong to the kingdom, Animalia; class, Insecta; and order, coleoptera.

What literally makes beetles far more different from others insects is their elytra - very strong wing cases.

Apart from the sea, beetles are apparently known to inhabit almost any other habitat.
They normally feed on plants and fungi. And sometimes consume certain invertebrates too.

Not all beetles possess hard elytra because that of blister beetles tend to be very soft.

All beetles undergo absolute or complete metamorphosis that is why they are all often referred to as endopterygotes.

Certain beetle species do not have any sort of negative impact agriculture; others on the other hand can be very lethal as far as agriculture is concerned.
The beetles that are known to be agriculture and forestry pests include Colorado potato beetles, coconut hospice beetles, mountain spine beetles and cotton boll weevil.

Certain beetles - lady beetles, dung beetles and many more - can be helpful and very efficient in terms of insect pests control.

Almost all beetles have some kind of camouflage.

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