Everything you need to know about the 'MONSTER' Hurricane Florence.

Hurricane Florence at the moment, is a category 4 hurricane which is posing a colossal threat to the U.S Mid-Atlantic states and the Carolinas.

According to several weather forecasts, the Hurricane's origin is somewhere around the West African Coast. It was first sighted on the 30th of August 2018. It is expected to make a landfall on Thursday. It is also expected to decrease to a category 3 storm before stalling the Carolinas and other states that are going to be affected.

In Virginia, Maryland, the Carolinas, Washington DC and many other states; a state of emergency has been declared.

According to several sources, the speed and intensity of the hurricane Florence's wind will decrease as it draws closer to coast.
Life threatening flood can be caused due to the expected heavy rainfall accompanying the hurricane.

If you are somewhere closer to the areas where it will be stalling then, you should probably get yourself prepared by storing enough food and supplies incase the storm and flooding becomes very lethal and lasts more than expected.

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