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Saturday, 29 September 2018

How To Cure Malaria With Lipton And Lime

Preventing mosquitoes from biting you is the best way to avoid malaria but if they somehow manage to bite and infect you with the malaria virus, then you should find a medicine to eradicate the disease's virus from your body's system.

Using medicines made of chemicals to cure malaria is quite unhealthy since they come along with lethal negative side effects.

Most people prefer using herbs in getting rid of malaria which is very good and healthy. Herbs are healthy because they can get rid of the malaria virus without introducing any negative side effects to the human body.

My article on How To Cure Malaria With Moringa Leaves was quite admired by a lot of people that is why I have decided to publish this home remedy too which would be helpful to anyone suffering from malaria.

Now, let take a look at the things you would need for this remedy:
1. Lipton
2. A cup
3. A spoon
4. Lime

How to prepare the medicine.
1. Prepare a tea with the Lipton.
Note: do not add milk or sugar to the tea.

2. Cut a lime or two and squeeze the juice into the tea.

3. Stir the tea with a spoon.

4. Now, drink the tea.

Do this for about four to five days.

If you do not have lime, just prepare the tea with the Lipton (do not add sugar or milk) and drink.


  1. I would never think, that Lipton tea can cure malaria. For about twenty years ago, this disease was incurable. I believe, many people forgot about it.