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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

How To Cure Malaria With Ocimum Gratissimum ( also known as Nunum or Scent leaves)

In my article about the health benefits of scent leaves, l talked a little bit about the leaves ability to cure malaria; this article you are reading now will take you through the step by step procedure on how you can literally cure malaria with the scent leaves.

These are the things you would need:
1. Ocimum gratissimum  (Scent leaves).
2. Earthenware grinder (you can use an electric blender if you have one).
3. A sieve or filter
4. Water
5. Cup

1. Grind the scent leaves.
2. Add a little bit of water it.
3. Sieve or filter it to obtain a fine green solution.
4. Pour the filtrate ( I mean the juicy solution you will obtain after sieving or filtering) into the cup.

  • Now drink it. 

Drink this medicine for about two to three days and your malaria will be eradicated totally.


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