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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

How To Overcome Any Kind Of Addiction

Addiction! Addiction!! Addiction!!! One of the slow but very lethal problem or behaviour that may sometimes go unnoticed until it has resulted in an irreversible damage to certain aspects of life.

Addiction comes in different ways and formats depending on your environment, society, culture, the way you were raised and your way of viewing, dealing or going about day to day activities.
Are you addicted to sex, drugs, gambling, alcohol, tobacco or any other thing? This article will surely and hopefully help you overcome them in no time.

If you are an addict and you really want to break free from it, you have to admit to yourself first that you have a problem. I always tell people that identifying your problem solves almost 90% of it. So wherever you are right now I want you to say it loud and clear to yourself that "I HAVE A PROBLEM AND I CAN OVERCOME IT!!!"

Now take a look at the helpful tips I have put together to help you break free from any kind of addiction.

1. Write down what you are addicted to, how it is negatively affecting you and  how amazing your life would be  without such addiction.
Writing down these things in a book or on a piece of paper will serve as a daily reminder and a motivation to put an end to your addiction. Make sure the book in which you wrote it is always placed at a visible place so that anytime you feel drawn to your addiction, you can quickly take it and remind yourself that you are fighting a good fight that will end well for you someday.

2. Talk to people you truly trust about your addiction.
A problem shared is a problem halved. Sometimes opening up about your addiction to people you trust most can be helpful in getting rid of your addiction. People you can trust can be your parents, siblings, friends, counselors, teachers, peers and many more.

3. Identify the motives that pushes you to engage yourself in things you are addicted to.
Anyone who is addicted to one thing or the other has what triggers his or her impulses and emotions to engage in the habit he or she is addicted to. Identifying the triggers can help you change your state of mind whenever you feel like your addiction is approaching.

4. Do not try to quit immediately; quit it bit by bit.
If you try quitting it immediately and you are not all that strong to keep fighting on, you will end up not been able to get rid of it at all. Because if you do not break it, it will break you.

The best way to quit is by doing away with it bit by bit. For example, if you smoke five times a week, cut it down to four in a week. And then you move on to thrice in a week; twice in a week; once in a week and then finally, none in a week.

5. Considering your environment.
If your environment is the main cause of your addiction then you should try as much as possible to either learn how to limit the environment's effects on you or simply stay away from such environments.

6. Get rid of the things that reminds you of your addiction.
If your addiction is as a result of certain things that you surround yourself with then try as hard as you can to possibly get rid of them.
For example, if you are addicted to sex because you always watch movies that contain too much sexual scenes then, the best way to free yourself from such addiction is by avoiding such movies.

7. Distract yourself whenever you feel like engaging in things you are addicted to.
Anytime you feel like doing things you are addicted to, simply distract yourself. You can distract yourself by working out, dancing, singing, listening to music, cooking, playing video games, writing, hiking and many.

Thanks for taking your time read. Feel free to comment!

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  1. To my mind, if you want to overcome any kind of addiction, you shouldn't be tempted for it at once. However, everything depends on what kind of addiction you have.