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Saturday, 8 September 2018

Sugar Pregnancy Test

We all know that sugar is a sweetening agent used  for sweetening tea, juice and many more. But have you ever thought of it been used for pregnancy tests? I guess your answer is no. If your answer is yes, then probably, you have been reading a lot.

Sugar pregnancy test is very efficient and produces or yields reliable and accurate results.

The amazing thing about this test is that, sugar is always readily available and very cheap to acquire.

Let us take a quick look at the things you would need to perform this test.
1. Sugar
2. Your morning urine.
3. A bowl

This is what you should do.
1. Pour your urine into the bowl.
2. Add the sugar to the urine in the bowl.
Wait for about some few minutes.

Negative (Not pregnant)
If the sugar in the urine dissolves then you are probably not pregnant.

Positive ( You are pregnant )
If the sugar forms clumps and does not dissolve then, you are probably pregnant.
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