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Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Teenagers Who Smoke Pot Are Much More Likely To Develop Psychosis.

Teens who smoke marijuana are putting their whole psychological well-being in a very great danger that may not be recognised until it is too late.

A research surfaced in January 2018 suggesting that regular and frequent use of marijuana can absolutely result in psychosis. Psychosis is characterized by unusual thoughts and indescribable or weird perceptions.

A study made it clear that, early smoking of marijuana can bring about psychosis in a very short time ---- four years.

Teenagers who smoke marijuana that are at risk of developing early psychosis include those whose parents or siblings has schizophrenia.

Even individuals who has never smoked pot can develop psychosis if any of their parents or siblings has Schizophrenia.

Health experts for some time now have been trying to find out if there is a possible association between marijuana use and psychosis; a study carried out in Sweden for about fifteen years on several Swedish soldiers concluded that there is apparently a tight association between the two.

The researches that have emerged so far on whether there is a link between marijuana use and psychosis has made it clear that there is an association  but what all those researches has not made clear or proven yet is what is causing it.

There is no single study that has pointed out the real chemicals from the marijuana or the real reason why marijuana usage brings about psychosis.

Scientist don't give up when it comes to finding out real facts about the cause of a problem so definitely a brilliant researcher will sure find out the real reason why smoking pot results in psychosis.
And I will surely publish it on this blog so make sure you visit this blog from time to time for useful and resourceful updates.

By the way, my advice to teenagers and the youth is to stay completely away from marijuana in order to prevent any kind of psychological problems.

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