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Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Toothpaste pregnancy test

I wrote an article on how to test for pregnancy with salt sometime ago and it received a lot of positive reviews. I then decided to write this article you reading right now on how to test for a pregnancy with just a tooth paste.

Not just any toothpaste but white is the best for this kind of test. So make sure you use only plain white toothpaste for the test.

These are the things you would need:
1. Plain white toothpaste (It is  very important to use white toothpaste since it can help you to acquire quality, clear and authentic results)

2. A transparent cup or bowl (you can use any other cup or bowl whether it is transparent or not but we would suggest you use transparent cups or bowls in order to actually see the changes so clear after the test)

Note: certain white toothpastes might not change to confirm pregnancy due to the certain chemicals used in manufacturing them. A normal toothpaste should do the job.


1. Press a considerable amount of the white toothpaste in the cup or bowl.
2. Add your morning urine into the cup or bowl containing the white toothpaste.

Now, wait for about fifteen minutes.


Positive (You are pregnant)
If the white toothpaste turns light blue or forms a foam then, you are probably pregnant! In some cases, it can be only the colour change without foam or just the foam without colour change. An in certain situations the two happens at the same time (that is the change in colour and the formation of foam at the same time)

Negative (You are not pregnant)
If there is no colour change or formation of foam, then, you certainly not pregnant.

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