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Friday, 21 September 2018

What Causes High Blood Pressure? And What Is A Normal Blood Pressure actually?

High blood pressure, often referred to as hypertension, is a very lethal and literally life threatening due to its ability to make the heart work three times it is suppose to; it also causes stroke, atherosclerosis and many more that can subsequently result in severe heart failure.

Let take a quick look at how to read blood pressure.

Blood pressure readings are often characterized  by two numbers (top and bottom numbers) and an over sign (/) between them. In this kind of reading, the top number is referred to as the systolic and the bottom number is the diastolic.
 For example 130/80 -- the 130 which is the upper number is the systolic, the sign (/) is read "over" and the 80 is the diastolic; therefore it is read 130 over 80.

What is a normal blood pressure?
A person's blood pressure is said to be normal if it is less than 120/80 (120 over 80)

Few facts about high blood pressure.

  •  Stage 1 high blood pressure.

If your blood pressure is somewhere within 130-139/80-89 then, you are probably experiencing stage 1 high blood pressure.

  •  Stage 2 high blood pressure.

An individual's blood pressure is said to be stage 2 high blood pressure if it falls within 140 or more/90 or more (140 and above over 90 and above).

  •  Severe Hypertension

Hypertension is said to be severe if blood pressure is somewhere is "above 180/above 120"

Let us now take a look at a few causes of high blood pressure that we have put together.

The causes of High blood pressure are:
1. Obesity.
Obesity can have several negative impact on a person's health including blood circulation. Obese individuals often possess excess fats that can cause blockages in arteries and veins; this forces the heart to over work itself which therefore results in high blood pressure.
Do you  know that obesity can also result in Snoring? Read my article on Causes of Snoring and 5 Simple Home remedies for snoring.

2. Sedentary lifestyle.
Sitting idle without any form of active activities ---- walking, hiking, playing football, dancing and many more ---- can result in high blood pressure since fats that are accumulated in the veins and arteries will not melt down. And fats in those areas of the body will definitely not enhance smooth movement of blood through them.

3. Alcohol intake.
Alcohol, whether drunk in small amounts or huge amounts, is very dangerous to the human heart and health as a whole. Most high blood pressure cases are as a result of excess alcohol intake.

4. Smoking.
Smoking, just like alcohol, is the cause of high blood in most people. Smoking often cause huge harm to the kidney and many other important organs in the body that helps with blood circulation. If smoking distracts the activity of the important organs, it will put intense pressure on the heart; this may therefore results in high blood pressure.

5. Too much salt intake.
The real compounds in most salts are Sodium (Na) and Chlorine (Cl). Excess salt intake literally means excess sodium (Na) in the body. And excess sodium in the body can definitely have several negative impact on your kidney; the inefficient functioning of the kidney can apparently result in high blood pressure.

6. Stress.
Stress affects almost 80% of the world population. And guess what, stress does not just affects an individual's mood or work, it causes high blood pressure as well.

7. Old age.
Old age reduces the strength and elasticity of muscles that helps and improves the functioning of the heart; this forces the heart to over work itself to pump blood like how it use to do hence results in high blood pressure.

8. Genetics.
If your family or parents has a high blood pressure history, then you can literally inherit it from them through genetics.

9. Kidney disease.
Kidney always helps in blood circulation so if it is distracted from its functions, the blood circulation cycle will suffer setbacks which will therefore result in high blood pressure.

10. Thyroid disorders.
Thyroid disorders such as under-secretion of thyroxine, over-secretion of thyroxine and many more, can probably cause high blood pressure.
In my article about the Effects of under secretion and over secretion of hormones, I quite explain how this can affect an individual's health.

11. Sleep apnea.
Sleep apnea often results in high blood pressure since the blood does not get much oxygen due to the repeatedly stopping and starting of breath which results in the constriction of blood vessels.

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