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Friday, 7 September 2018

What is depression? Can it have negative impact on life? Can I prevent or treat it?

Depression is  very bad and literally the most common  mood disorder in the world. 

If you are reading this article because you are experiencing depression then I want you to know that, you are not alone in the fight against the disorder. Apparently, there are millions of individuals worldwide fighting each and every day to get rid of this awful mood disorder. Just don't give up and as time goes on, you will either get rid of it or learn how to control or manage it.

It is often characterized by loss of interest in daily activities, sadness, boredom, down feeling and many more.

Depressions can start at any age but in  most cases, it starts in the teens. It is quite common in women than men. 

About three hundred and fifty million individuals worldwide are currently experiencing depression according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).


1. You may not be interest in things and activities that you used to find very interesting
2. Sadness
3. Frustration
4. Anxiety
5. An individual becomes very angry over petty issues.
6. Loss of interest in a hobbies and activities you used to like most.
7.  Insomnia.
8. Fatigue
9. Loss of appetite
10. Difficult to concentrate
11. Thinking difficulties
12. Suicidal thoughts.
13. A student suffering from depression may perform very poor at school.
14. Always feeling so sensitive
15. Hypersomnia
16. Feeling shy or afraid to engage your social interactions.
17. Self harm 
18. Negative thoughts and feelings.
19. Negative attitude towards work.
20. Truancy


1. Sometimes the environment in which you find yourself can bring about depression.
2. Biological factors
3. Genetic factors
4. Psychological factors


Depressions cannot be prevented but there are various effective ways that can be very helpful.
1. Try to to engage in activities that will help release stress.

2. Keep your family and friends close. Talk to them always about every little issue.

3. Visit a doctor as soon as you start experiencing the its symptoms.

Risk factors

The following can increase your of developing depression:
1. Low self esteem
2. Traumatic experience
3. Alcoholism
4. Post-traumatic stress disorder
5. Anxiety disorder 
6. Eating disorder
7. Drug abuse
8. Heart disease


Can depression be treated? Yes! It can be treated.
It can be treated through;
1. Talking therapies ( Psychotherapy ).

2. The use of drugs such as antidepressants.

3. Frequent exercise.
Exercise do not just keep the organs of the parts of the body healthy, it also excites the brain. That can help do away with anxieties and depressions.

These are what in my opinion can help prevent or reduce depression:
1. Listening to music.
2. Playing video games.
3. Dancing.
4. Hiking.
5. Walk.
6. Reading interesting books.
7. Swimming
8. Talking about your issues with your family.
9. Watching interesting movies.
10. Surfing

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