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Monday, 10 September 2018

Why am I always so tired? What can I do about it?

Have you been getting very tired almost all the time? Are you wondering about what is causing it? Are you thinking of getting rid of it? If yes then I guess you are at the right place at the right time.

Tiredness that does not go away even after enough rest or sleep is often refers to as chronic fatigue.

This article will take you through almost all the causes of tiredness or fatigue and what you can do to get back into energetic and healthy state.

Almost everyone on this planet feel tired which may be due to working overtime, watching TV through out the night, engaging in extreme energy-draining jobs, long journey traveling, long hour driving and many more. But if you always feel tired and you don't really know what is the cause then, you should know something is probably wrong.

The AwayCande health team has put together comprehensive explanation on what normally brings about what I call unknown-source tiredness and how you can overcome it in or to look very energetic.

1. Sedentary lifestyle.
Most of the tiredness situations is as a result of sedentary lifestyle. Sitting or lying down always without any active actions is known to contribute to chronic fatigue.
Anytime you feel so tired, don't just sit around; get up and walk around a little bit.

We suggest you involve yourself in activities such as hiking, walking, swimming, jogging, running, bicycle riding, playing soccer and many other action packed activities since they can help get rid of fatigue.

2. Inadequate sleep.
Inadequate sleep is also known to be the cause of tiredness in most fatigue cases.
According to scientific research, individuals between the ages of eighteen and sixty years should sleep at least seven hours each and every day.
In order to avoid or eliminate fatigue, make sure to have enough sleep.

A new research just emerged saying, inadequate sleep do not result in just tiredness but also brings about several negative health issues. Some of the negative health issues include heart disease, obesity, stroke, anxiety, depression and many more.

3. Unhealthy and unbalanced diet.
Unhealthy diet and unbalanced dietary pattern can easily bring about tiredness. This is because your body cells and organs need constant nutrients from foods you eat to function efficiently and effectively. Eating unhealthy and unbalanced diet can be very lethal as far as your health is concerned.

If your tiredness is due to the consumption of unbalanced and unhealthy diet, then you should probably start eating balanced and very healthy diet.

4. Stress.
Stress is unarguably one of the causes of tiredness. Boggling your mind with several issues is known to be the cause of stress.
Stress pushes the body to produce certain hormones which helps the body to be able to cope with the stress. But successive stress and production of such hormones causes harm to some parts of the body which can therefore result in chronic fatigue.

The best way to avoid stress is to identify the cause and control it or simply stop boggling your mind with unwanted thoughts and issues.

5. Anxiety.
It is normal for an individual to feel anxious sometimes but constant anxiety experience is not normal. Generalised anxiety disorders are known to be the cause of fatigue in most people.

The best way to eliminate anxiety is by engaging in activities that excites you most and exercising regularly.

Negative health issues such as Anaemia, Sleep apnoea, Underactive thyroid, Chronic fatigue syndrome, Diabetes and Glandular fever can also cause chronic fatigue.

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