Amazing, Scientists just found a way to connect the brains of three people in order to enable them share thoughts

Certain neuroscientists have been able to join the brain of three people at the same time and it is simply amazing.

Who has ever thought something like that would ever be possible. Science is always breaking unbreakable boundaries.

The individuals whose brains were connected were allowed to share their thoughts during a Tetris-style game.

The connection of the brain became possible as a result of the combination of EEGs (electroencephalogram) and TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation). The EEGs records electrical impulses that shows the activity of the brain. TMS on the other hand is characterized by a magnetic field that stimulates neurones.
According to the researchers the name of the interface is BrainNet.

BrainNet simply makes it possible for individuals to solve tasks through direct brain-to-brain communication.

Read the article published by the researchers: BrainNet.

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