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Sunday, 7 October 2018

Cure Malaria Fever With Lemongrass

I always find lemongrass in people's gardens, backyards, farms and many more so I decided to investigate and find out the reason why so many people are interested in such plant.

People said a lot about it including it numerous health benefits; one of its health benefits that almost everyone talked about is its ability to cure malaria completely in no time. They said the plant is very, very efficient when it comes to getting rid of malaria virus out of an individual's system.

I took my time to ask a lot of people -who are really into herbs - about how the plant can be used to cure malaria fever and this is what most of them said:

Cut the lemongrass from the main plant.

Wash them thoroughly in clean water.

Cut them into smaller pieces.

 Put them in a kettle or in any metal or silver cup.

 Add a considerable amount of water to the lemongrass in the kettle or cup.

Boil it for some minutes.

Pour the tea into another cup.

Cut a lime into two parts and squeeze its juice into the tea.

Now your lemongrass tea is ready.

Drink it.

Do this for about four to five days and your fever will disappear just like that.

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