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Saturday, 13 October 2018

Dandelion Pregnancy Test

Dandelion can be found in gardens and places where land is known to be very fertile.

It is an edible plant that most people include in their daily foods because of its numerous health benefits.

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Aside all its nutrients and several health benefits, it is often considered as one of the best plants for determining if an individual is pregnant or not.

This article will take you through the step by step instructions you would have to follow in order to acquire the best results with this type of pregnancy test.

However, let us take a quick look at the things you would need for the dandelion pregnancy test:
1. A transparent cup or bowl.
2. A fresh dandelion leaf.
3. Your morning urine.

This is what you should do:
1. Get a fresh dandelion leaf.
2. Wash it with clean water.
3. Put it in the transparent cup or bowl.
4. Pour your morning urine onto the leaf in the cup.

Now, wait for about five minutes.

Positive (You Are Pregnant).
If you see red patches on the dandelion leaf, then you are 100% pregnant.

Negative ( You Are Not Pregnant)
You are probably not pregnant if nothing happens to the dandelion leaf.

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