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Saturday, 27 October 2018

Eating Organic Foods Can Help Prevent Cancer

Organic foods are foods that are produced through processes that adhere to the various standards of organic farming.
Most health experts and professional nutritionists always advises people to cultivate the habit of establishing their own garden (as a source of organic foods) or buy organic foods from the market no matter how expensive they are; this is because they know the great amount of positive impact it can have on a person's health.

Guess what, a new research has just emerged saying that, eating those foods can significantly prevent you from any kind of cancer.

According to the research, individuals who ate foods that are purely organic had twenty five percent (25%) lower cancer risk as compared to individuals who consumed less organic foods.

Julia Baudry who is the lead researcher said that, individuals who eats more organic foods do have 34%, 76% and 86% reduced risk of postmenopausal breast cancer, lymphomas and non-Hodgkin lymphoma respectively.

Julia Baudry and some of the experts advised people not to stop consuming vegetables and fruits (whether organic or not) if they cannot afford expensive organic foods because adding them to your diet always can drastically decrease a person's risk of chronic diseases and cancer.

The AwayCande Health Team also suggests that, trying as hard as you can to create a backyard garden can help you grow certain foods organically hence prevents expensive purchasing of foods from the market.

You can also grow certain crops organically in doors. 

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