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Thursday, 4 October 2018

How Long Should I Rest Between workouts?

Do you need short rests between workouts? Or can you go a day or more without working out?

I have read and learned a lot about workouts since I started working out and this is what I think about short and long rests between workouts:

Short rests during any type of workout is very important because your body cells and organs often need to relax for a few seconds to gain more energy to facilitate or sail you through the remaining sessions of your workout. For instance, when you are lifting and you feel so tired to the extent that you cannot even lift the load anymore, you can bear witness that when you rest for a few seconds and you lift that load again, it will be lifted easily and swiftly.
 Our body works like machines during workouts; they sometime need to be fuelled up to keep on working;  the only fuel they require during workouts is short rests.

Note: Short breaks or rests between workouts should take at least 50 seconds and at most 60 seconds.

Let us now take a look at the long rests between workouts. 
Long rests between workouts can be a day or more without active workouts.
There is this myth that if someone who works out almost everyday avoids workout for just a day or more, his or her muscles will flatten or turn to fats. It is not true!

If you are travelling or doing important things that may keep you from working out for about a day or two, do not soak yourself in intense fear that something negative may happen to your muscles or any part of your body.

Working out everyday is nice but it is not compulsory.

The only thing that happens when you take longer breaks (like a week or two) away from workout is that, you will or may feel an overall severe body pains once you start working out again.
But if you continue exercising regularly, the pain will ease off totally in about three to four days.

If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to comment or contact me. 

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