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Saturday, 6 October 2018

How To Get Pregnant Fast And Easy.

Are you in a rush to get pregnant? Or you really desire to give birth in a specific month or time of a particular year?
Well, there are several ways you can increase your chances of conceiving real fast and easy.

The following are some few ways you can increase your chances of getting pregnant:

1. Visit a doctor or a midwife for a preconception check up.
It is very important to know if you are in the best and the right state to conceive before you embark on any other activity that will help you get pregnant. Your body hormones and organs must be in a healthful conceiving state.
 The best way to find out if you are fertile enough to get pregnant is by visiting a doctor or a midwife.

2. Find out when you often ovulate.
During ovulation, an egg from the ovary is normally released in the expectation of fusing with a sperm to produce a baby. If you know when this often happens, you and your partner can engage in sexual intercourse to boost your chances of conceiving.

3. Sexual intercourse should be engaged in at the right time in the right way.
Having sex a day or two before and during ovulation can increase your chances of getting pregnant real easy since those times are scientifically known to be the most fertile time for a woman to conceive if she engages in a healthy sexual intercourse.

4. Avoid the use of certain lubricants during sex.
Most lubricants used during sex are known to have negative impact on sperms due to some unhealthy chemicals used in manufacturing them. 
Let your doctor to recommend the best lubricant that has no known negative side effects.

5. Ladies, encourage your partners to avoid certain things in order to help boost their sperm health and efficiency.
Things your partner can do to increase the healthiness of his sperm include:
Staying away from tobacco and any other recreational drug, cutting alcohol intake, avoiding obesity and engaging in healthy workouts.
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6. Eat foods that are known to improve fertility.
Including foods like spinach, eggs, bananas, beans, nuts and many in a diet is scientifically known to increase or improve fertility.

7. Avoid unhealthy sex positions during sexual intercourse.
Some sex positions can prevent the sperms from reaching and fertilising a lady's egg. 
There are several sex positions that are known to be very effective and very healthy in terms of increasing a lady's chances of conceiving easily.

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