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Friday, 12 October 2018

Silent Stroke: Signs, Symptoms And How It Can Be Prevented.

Silent stroke is the type of stroke that affects people without them  knowing or realizing. It is very difficult to point out or identify the signs and symptoms of silent stroke.

One of the dangerous threat silent stroke poses is its ability to cause permanent damages to the brain of an individual who has suffered from it;  these permanent damages can subsequently result in a severe and intense stroke.

Silent strokes can also lead to problems associated to the memory and the way a person thinks.

How To Detect Silent Stroke
Silent strokes signs and symptoms are often unrecognisable. Detecting it is nearly impossible. The best and the easiest way it can be detected is through a brain scan.

However, certain memory problems can indicate a possible silent stroke.

Also, experienced doctors can simply detect silent strokes by just observing or looking at  some highlighted symptoms.

Here Are Some Of The Signs And Symptoms Of A Silent Stroke:
1. Headaches.
2. Thinking and memory problems.
3. Dizziness.
4. Noticeable weakness in the limb.
5. Blurred vision.
6. Severe fatigue.
7. Tremors.
8. Speech problems.

Note: The damages silent strokes leaves on a person's brain is permanent.

Habits And  Lifestyles That Can Prevent Silent Stroke
Almost all the types of stroke are often caused by high blood pressure. Adjusting your way of living can prevent high blood pressure and hence prevent silent strokes too.

The following healthy lifestyles can decrease your chances of been affected by silent stroke:

1. Check your blood pressure.
Make sure your blood pressure is normal or closer to normal always.

2. Keep tabs on your cholesterol.

3. Make sure to maintain a normal blood sugar level at all times.

4. Stay away from alcohol.

5. Do not smoke no matter what.

6. Regular workout (exercise) can be very helpful.

7. Make sure your daily diets are packed with enormous amount of healthy nutrients. Include whole grains, vegetables and fruits in your daily diets.

8. Leave an obese free life.

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