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Sunday, 18 November 2018

4 Heart Rate Myths Debunked

Sometimes we get a little bit worried when our hearts begins to beat slow or fast; just because of certain heart rate myths we have heard about in the past. Although most things we have heard about irregular heartbeat is true, some are totally myths.
The truth is that, a lot of myths are heard almost every day and if you are someone who do not read more or ask professionals questions, you would definitely fall prey to one.

Talking about reading more, we have put together some popular heart rate myths below. Take your time and read through carefully:

1. Erratic heart rate is a heart attack.
No! Someone having an erratic heart rate -- irregular heartbeat -- does not necessarily mean he or she is having a heart attack. Those individuals are said to be experiencing palpitations.

Alcohol, caffeine, smoking, certain medications, dehydration, stress, exercise, fever, thyroid disorders and many more can definitely result in palpitations.

Note: if your irregular heartbeat comes along with chest pains or breathing problems, visit a doctor as soon as possible.

2. Fast pulse means an individual is stressed out.
It is not necessary so. Stress can cause fast pulse but it is not the only thing that can result in that.
An individual's pulse raises when he or she feels excited, sad or anxious. Exercise can also raise a person's pulse as well.

3. Blood pressure is okay if your heart rate is normal.
No. It is not like that! In most cases (example when an individual is scared, angry or engaging him or herself in a vigorous activity),  heart rate and blood pressure operates in the same level but it does not necessarily mean that they are all that linked.
You may sometime have a very low or very high blood pressure but your heart rate will be so normal.

4. Slow heart rate means an individual is having a very weak or unhealthy heart.
That is a total myth. Slow heart often means an individual's heart is healthy and in a good shape. That is why most athletes have slow heart rates.

Note: Slow heart rate accompanied by short breaths and severe chest pain is definitely not a sign of a healthy heart.
Visit a doctor as soon as possible.

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