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Thursday, 8 November 2018

Is It Safe to Use Expired Medications?

I guess you are reading this because you have a medicine in your possession which has expired recently but in a desperate need of it. This question -- is it safe to use expired medicines? -- has sparked a whole lot controversies for some time.

According to most health experts, some medications stays in a good shape for a short period of time after the expiration date on them has gone by, some medications on the other hand, expires on the exact expiration date on them.

Certain medications are known to be very sensitive to environmental conditions such as sunlight, temperature, humidity and many more, can result in the quick expiration of medicines.

The truth is that, most medications becomes quite poisonous after they have expired.

Taking of expired antibiotics for instance can cause a very great damage to a person's kidney and several organs in his or her body.

Medicines -- especially the ones made with chemicals -- becomes very, very poisonous as soon as they expire because the chemicals tend to break down and form unhealthy and dangerous chemicals that may be very lethal to your health.

We the Health Team Of AwayCande suggests that, expired medications -- whether expensive or not -- must not be used and should be thrown very far away as soon as possible.

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