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Thursday, 13 December 2018

6 Reasons Why You Should Eat Fish Heads (Health Benefits Of Fish Heads)

I was part of a Ghana - Germany exchange program organised in the year 2016 and it has helped me to know more about Europeans specifically Germans and their way of living. One of the things I noticed about some of them is the way they chew all the parts of the fish leaving the head behind anytime we eat foods that comes along with fish. I mean we the Ghanaians chewed every part of the fish including the head so I was somehow surprised.

When most of the Germans -- excluding Max, who is German but eats like an African -- were not chewing the heads of the fish, I felt quite worried because I thought it may be somehow harmful to we humans that is why they were not eating it so I started researching and asking a whole lot of questions about it. Hopefully, I found quite a few detailed articles online about it and none of those articles talked ill about it consumption. They were all saying good things about fish head consumption.

In case you do not eat fish heads, here are six strong reasons we the AwayCande Health Team have put together to convince you to start eating them:

1. Good for the heart.
Fishes heads are known to contain great amount of omega-3. And omega-3, according health experts, is very good for heart. It helps the heart to function efficiently and very effectively.

2. Fish heads are full of Vitamin A.
Chewing the head of a fish means you have automatically chewed its brain and the brain specifically of fishes is known to be very rich in vitamin A. So come on, if you really want more  Vitamin A in your system, do not throw your fish heads away; eat them.

3. Good for the brain.
Omega-3 in the head of a fish is not only good for the heart, but also really good for the heart! If you really want to improve the way your brain functions and become more smarter, you should probably try to include a fish head in your daily diets.

4. Fish head is packed with enormous amount of protein.
Fishes as we all know are one of the great sources of protein but what people often forget is that, the head of the fish is also part of the fish. It is the part of the fish that holds most of its protein.
Eating the fish together with its head means you have eaten the whole fish and eating the whole fish means you have actually obtained the whole protein from it. So, do not throw a fish head away if you want more protein for your body.

5. Good for the eye.
The Vitamin A in the head of fishes is known to improve eye health and also help prevent any kind of visual problems in aged individuals.

6. Good for the human immune system.
Vitamin A in the head can improve the status of an individual's immune system hence increases the person's body's ability to fight off diseases and unnecessary sicknesses.

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  1. Fish is a very important source of various minerals and trace elements, so it is worth paying special attention to ensure that this product is regularly present on your menu.