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Saturday, 29 December 2018

7 Health Benefits Of Avocado [Reasons Why You Must Eat Avocado Everyday]

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Avocados are very famous and healthy fruits which are known to always contain a single big seed.

Most people do not know the numerous health benefits associated to avocados that is why they are not eating them. Well, if you are one of those people, we are here to change your mind as quickly as possible to begin consuming them.

The following are few health benefits of avocados that will make you love eating them everyday:

1. Very good for the human heart.
Beta-sitosterol -- a natural sterol that can be found in certain plants -- which is scientifically known for its ability to maintain an accurate cholesterol levels in humans is present in avocados hence makes them very healthy for the heart.

2. Good for the eye.
The phytochemicals -- zeaxanthin and lutein -- present in avocados makes them good for the eye since the eye needs such phytochemicals to prevent huge damages that could be caused by ultraviolet lights.
According to health experts, avocado consumption often prevents eye problems that are as a result of aging.

3. Can help prevent osteoporosis.
Avocados contain enormous amount of vitamin K and vitamin K according to research, is a very important nutrient as far as bone health is concerned. So, in order to prevent osteoporosis, make sure you always include avocados in your daily diets.

4. Cancer prevention.
Certain nutrients in avocados according to researchers, are very good for preventing several cancers including stomach cancers, cervical cancers, pancreatic cancers, colon cancers and many more.

5. Healthy pregnancy.
Folic acid in avocados makes them good for both pregnant women and their unborn children.
Avocado consumption can sometimes help prevent unnecessary miscarriages.

6. Prevents depression.
Depressions are often caused by homocysteine accumulation; folic acid -- which is present in avocados -- has proven to be very effective when it comes to regulating and preventing its accumulation.

7. Improves digestion in humans.
Avocados tend to be very rich in fibre and fibre as we all know, is very good for avoiding constipation and any other health problem associated with the human digestive system.

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