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Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Can I Lose Weight By Not Drinking Soda?

Soda intake has been linked to the cause of several health problems including weight gain. There are several articles on the internet talking about how soda can bring about weight gain but none of them has vividly described or explained in details how it pushes the body of a person who drinks it to gain excess weight.
Don't worry, this article of mine will take you through how drinking of soda can result in excess weight gain and how avoiding or not drinking it can help you lose weight drastically.

The following are the reasons why avoiding soda can help you lose weight:

1. Too much drinking of soda causes the body to release more or excess insulin.
The human pancreas often releases insulin as soon as the artificial sweeteners in the soda gets into the body due to the signal a brain receives whenever a sugary food enters taken in. The fact is that, if your body keeps on producing excess insulin, you would end up developing a disorder known as metabolic syndrome.
Metabolic syndrome is often characterized by large circumference of the waist, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and many more.

2. The more you drink soda, the more you would become addicted to it and the more you become addicted to it, the more you would feel like drinking some of it anytime.
We all know that too much of everything is bad; same goes for drinking too much soda.
Excessive intake of soda can result in the acquisition of excess belly fats. So, sometimes the best way to lose weight is to cut soda intake.

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