Everything You Need To Know About NuttyChoc—The New Product From Golden Tree Chocolate House

When it comes to anything relating to chocolate in Ghana, the only company to turn your eyes to is Golden Tree Chocolate House. Their products always speaks for themselves in terms of quality and taste. I always talk about their products on my Facebook page and sometimes post pictures of me eating their chocolates on my Facebook wall.

I went to check out their Facebook page as usual and to my surprise, they've just introduced a new product to the chocolate market space. The name of the product is NuttyChoc. I have not tried it yet but I know it will taste great because Golden Tree Chocolate House never disappoint when it comes to the production of healthy, quality and tasty products.

The new product which was released on Wednesday, 19 December, 2018 seem to be made of groundnuts and chocolate. The groundnuts are coated with chocolates. It comes in three different colour but they all have the popular Kente design beneath them.

I definitely have to go get some tomorrow and try it.

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