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Friday, 14 December 2018

How To Cure Ulcer With Pawpaw

Ulcer -- often caused by a bacteria known as the Helicobacter pylori or continuous usage of strong pain killers -- is a wound that sometimes occurs in the stomach or in the intestines (that is the small and large intestine).

You do not have to go around searching for an ulcer medicine because there is a very simple and easy one you can prepare by yourself with just an unripened pawpaw.

The following step by step instructions will guide you through how to successfully prepare the ulcer medicine with pawpaw:

Before we move on to the instructions, let us take a quick look at the things you would need in preparing the medicine:
1. Unripened papaw
2. A bowl
3. A knife
4. Water
5. A Sieve

The instructions:
Wash the unripened pawpaw thoroughly in a very clean water.

After washing it, cut it into smaller cube-like pieces without peeling or removing the seeds out of it.
Note: let me remind you once again; do not peel or remove the seeds when cutting the pawpaw into smaller pieces.

Now put the pieces of the pawpaw into a bowl.

Add a very considerable amount of water to the pawpaw pieces in the container.
Note: the water should be at the same level as the pawpaw pieces in the bowl. The water should not be too much than the pawpaw pieces.

Leave the whole setup for about two to three days.

After those two to three days, you would realize that the colour of the mixture would turn white.

Now filter or sieve the mixture to obtain only a white water which has no pawpaw pieces or its seeds in it.

Half a glass of the water obtained should be drunk thrice (3X) a day until a significant improvement is seen.

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