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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Is Bleaching Harmful To The Skin?

Any kind of bleaching product -- whether manufactured by a well recognised company or not -- contains two major and well known chemicals namely, mercury and hydroquinone. And literally,  the toxicity of those chemicals is extremely high.

Hydroquinone for instance is often used in various hair dyes and in photo processing. Mercury on the other hand is a well known carcinogen.

Both mercury and hydroquinone lightens an individual's skin by halting the production of melanin.
That is why dark people who bleach their skin becomes dark again as soon as they stop.
The more melanin an individual has in his or her skin, the darker he or she becomes.

Dangerous Effects Of Bleaching
1. Bleaching the skin often results in premature aging.

2. It can also cause skin cancer.

3. The hydroquinone in bleaching cream can result in rough skin and dark spots.

Note: People who bleach their skin are known to be suffering from a very serious and intense low self-esteem.

Any kind of skin whitening or lightening or bleaching product is dangerous! Stay  away from them!!!

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