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Sunday, 23 December 2018

What Does Tea Do To Your Body? (Health Benefits Of Tea)

Tea is the second most popular drink in the world just behind water.
It originated from China but it is now consumed in almost every part of the world.

Most people drink tea in the morning as breakfast; others on the other hand drinks it at anytime of the day as  medicine or a recreational drink.

Do you know that tea has a lot of health benefits?  In case you did not know, here are a few we've put together just for you:

1. Tea is loaded with enormous amount of antioxidants.
Tea -- especially the white ones --contains antioxidants; and antioxidants as we all know can help a person to always look young and fresh due to its ability to improve and maintain the healthiness of the skin and certain important human organs.

2. The caffeine in tea is less as compared to that of coffee.
The caffeine in tea is 50% lesser than that of coffee hence an individual can drink as much tea as he or she wants and it will not have any negative effect on his or her nervous system. The cool thing about tea is its energy boosting ability just like coffee but with no side effects.

3. Tea can help decrease or prevent stroke and unnecessary heart attacks.
According to several health experts, tea contains several essential nutrients that are known to improve heart health so if you are someone who has a heart related issues, do not forget to drink as much tea as you can each and every day; it can be very helpful.
4. Tea is very good for reducing weight.
Do you want to lose weight? Well, one of the easiest way to do that is by drinking tea. Tea is known to be very helpful as far as losing weight is concerned.

5. It improves bone health.
Moringa tea for instance is one of the teas that are known to contain higher amount of calcium, iron, vitamin A and vitamin K; all those nutrients tend to strengthen bones and make them much more stronger and healthier.

6. Tea can help improve the healthiness of the immune system.
Holy basil tea for example is known to be good for improving the health of the human immune system due to its antibacterial and antifungal abilities.

7. Tea can help improve digestion.
Some herbal teas are known to be very good for individuals suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. An example of such tea is chamomile.

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