6 Best Places To Travel

Traveling by yourself, with a partner or family to cool off on vacations is a must. Experiencing and exploring exciting adventures is probably the reason why most of us travel. The thing is, we do not just travel without knowing the exact place and things to expect when we get there.

We often choose destinations that have activities, tourist attractions and cultures that would excite us when we get there.

Well, if you are out of ideas in terms of choosing a destination, here are just a few to get you in a traveling mood:

1.  Busua, Ghana

A 12 year old German, traveling with her parents told me that she would love to move from Berlin, Germany and come to stay at Busua, Ghana. This should tell you how amazing the place is and how friendly the people living there are.

Busua—a resort village with a very long beach—is situated in the southern coast of the Republic of Ghana.

There are several seafood restaurants and hotels to choose from.
 Food and accommodation at Busua and Ghana as a whole is far more cheaper than that of other cities in other countries that are known to have similar beaches.

The Fort Metal Cross—built in the 17th Century—and the Fort Batenstein built by the British and the Dutch respectively are all available for tourists to have a gaze at.

2. Adirondacks, New York

The fresh air, beautiful lakes and various peaks in Adirondacks, New York, have been attracting a whole lot of visitors anytime of the year.

The Hotel Saranac—which was established in the year 1927—at the lively neighborhood of the town, Saranac lake, is worth checking out.

3. Berlin, Germany

Berlin—the city with more vegan restaurants than any other European city—is a perfect travel destination for vegans and vegetarians.

The city is known for its nightlife scenes. Germans as we all know are really into beer so expect a well brewed tasty beer whenever you are visiting Berlin.

4. Alberta, Canada

Alberta houses the Royal Alberta Meseum—a $375 million meseum—which is known to be about 419,000-square-foot institution. This makes Alberta a perfect tourist destination for cultural enthusiasts.

5. Alsace, France

A perfect destination for wine lovers. It is a home to finest wineries such as Maison Trimbach and Domains Weinbach.

6. Andaman Islands

The island lovers, the Andaman Islands should be your travel destination.
It is made up of about 300 islands located between Thailand and India. Features of this island includes clean beaches, coconut trees, tropical mangroves, clean and clear water.
An eye-catching five star resort and Spa can be located on the Radhanagar beach.