9 Simple Ways To Make Money Online

I am real so let me make this clear; making money online is not quite easy as most people say or write on their blogs. It is extremely difficult but with hard work, perseverance and consistency, you can make it look so easy; I mean there a lot of people making thousands of dollars every month online.

I am addicted to the internet so I am quite familiar with online money making ways or opportunities. These ways can possibly help an individual to make money the right and legit way.

Enough with the long talk already, let us go straight to the point; here are the legit ways you can make money online:
1. Start A Blog
Starting a blog can be quite difficult but if you are determined, you can definitely make it work. One fact most people do not tell individuals who wants to start their own blogs and make money out of them is that,  blogs needs to grow in terms age, traffic and many more before they can start generating income.
There are several ways of monetising a blog; this includes advertisements, affiliate marketing and many more.
You can start your blog on any platform you want but I would advise you to start on the free platforms like Google's blogger and the free version of WordPress.

You should know what you would like to write about on your blog. If you are good at something, write about it. Do not not try to copy contents from other blogs. People want to read authentic materials.
 Blogging is not about what most people are writing, it is about what you know, that could be helpful to others. Be authentic and your blog would be recognized in no time.

If you are in need of advice or assistance to start a blog, simply contact AwayCande, we are always ready to help.

2. Sell eBooks
Nowadays, Amazon has made it possible for anyone from any part of the world to write and publish eBooks for free. Once your book is published, within a few hours, it will appear in kindle stores worldwide. If your book is good, it would be purchased so many times and you would get a huge amount of money.

3. Freelance Writer.
If you are quite or extremely good in writing then, online freelance writing is apparently one of the best ways to make money easily online.
Problogger.net and UpWork.com are a few of those sites that are available for freelance writers to search for job openings.

4.Affiliate Marketing
If you have quite an encouraging number of followers on social media then affiliate marketing is for you.
Once you become an affiliate marketer, you can acquire a link to products you would like to sell from well known sites — example Amazon and ClickBank —which could be shared on your social media pages; if someone follows that link to purchase a product, you would get a share of the money.

5. The "Domain Name" Buy And Sell Business.
Domain names are in high demands and are being bought almost everyday due to the increase in number of individuals venturing into the blogging and website scene.
Find short and easy to pronounce domain names, buy them at very low prices and sell them at very high prices when they are been needed to be bought.
Flippa.com is one of the popular market place for online domain name selling.

6. YouTube
YouTube is one of the best online streaming platforms to make quick and legit money. YouTube belongs to Google and Google as we all know is the owner of AdSense. So if your YouTube videos are quite good and you have a huge number of subscribers, adverts can be placed on your channel's videos and anytime anyone streams those videos, you would earn an amount.

You can also advertise for individuals, companies and any institution which would like to be advertised about on your channel.

7. Rent Out Your Car Online
Do you have two cars or you have just a car but has not using it on every day of the week? If yes, then try renting it out to people who are in need of it at cool prices. FlightCar.com and RelayRides.com are some of the sites where a car can be rent out.

8. Renting Out A Room On Airbnb
Do you live near a tourist area and happens to have a spare room? If yes, then Airbnb is one of the best sites to rent out that spare room and make some good money easily.

9. Sell Slightly Used Belongings Online
If you have belongings — such as smartphones, television set, an iPod, an iPad, speakers, a computer, a bicycle, a car and any other thing — that are not all that important to you at the moment, you can sell them on sites like eBay and the likes and make some  money.