7 Important Things You Must Do Before Applying For Adsense In Order To Be Approved Quickly

Adsense is one of the best ways to make money from your blog but getting a new blog approved has proved to be quite difficult. The Google Adsense team is very strict when it comes to approving the accounts of new applicants.

But, hey, nothing is impossible. As Nelson Mandela once said, "it always seem impossible until it is done". I just want you to know that,  your Adsense account will be approved if you trust in yourself that you can make it happen.
And let me make this clear, if your blog is  a Google subdomain blog example yourblog.blogspot.com, your chances of getting a swift approval is very high.

The following are some simple but important things you should do before applying for Google Adsense in order to get a onetione approval;

1. Write High quality contents.
A nice looking blog which has less quality contents would not be regarded as a quality or standard blog by the Google Adsense team. So, in order to avoid rejection, make sure you always write or post quality contents on your blog.
High quality contents should be free from grammar errors and spelling mistakes.
 Avoid copying and pasting of contents from other blogs.
High quality contents should be unique, precise and also should contain relevant information.

2. Professional or clean Blog Design
No matter how rich in quality contents your blog is, if it has an unprofessional design, it will be somehow difficult for it to be approved by the Google Adsense Team.
Your blog's design should be clean and very professional. And the truth is, readers tend to spend more time on a blog which has a clean design.
In order to make your blog more clean and professional, improve navigation, arrange menu in a nice way and remove all unwanted gadgets or items from the sidebar.
There are several free clean templates and themes out there. Just download one and incorporate or insert it into in your blog.

3. Create "About Us" or "About" page
The About Us page is very important to the Google Adsense team when they are reviewing your blog for approval. This is because they want to know what your blog is about and the kind of information it is offering to its readers.
Adding an About page to your blog can quite increase your chances of getting a quick approval.
Make sure your "About" page is unique and  very informative.

4. Create a "Contact Us" page
Contact Us page serves as a medium where information can be sent by the reader to the author of the blog.
Contact Us page also shows that you care about the views and opinions of your blog readers.
Creating this page can increase your chances of getting approved by Google Adsense Team.
With blogger (blogspot) bloggers, you can simply add the "Contact Us" gadget on the side bar of your blog and you are good to go.

5.Create a "Privacy policy" page
Most of the new bloggers do not pay much attention to "privacy policy" page but the truth is, it is very important.
Privacy policy pages are there to let your blog readers know that their privacy is secured when they are reading your blog contents.

In other to improve your chances of getting approved quickly, you should create a unique privacy policy page.
There are countless online privacy policy Generators, just find one and create your privacy policy page. If you can write it yourself cool, you would not need any online privacy policy Generator.

6. Blog Speed
People do not normally pay attention to this but to be frank, it is one of the most important things the Google Adsense Team check out when reviewing a blog for a possible approval.
Make sure your blog has a very fast loading speed.
There are several free fast loading blog templates out there. Get one and use it.

7. Your blog's Content 
Make sure your blog contains only appropriate contents. Your blog should be free from violence, nudity, racism, etc...

In order to increase your chance of getting approved easily by the Google Adsense Team, make sure you write about a particular subject or content type. For example, if your blog is about health, write posts which relates to  health only. After the approval, you can choose to turn your blog into a multi-niche blog or any type of blog you want.

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