How To Make Glue With Cornstarch

We talked about how to make glue with  flour the other time and today, we would take you through how to a make it with just cornstarch.

Cornstarch glue can be used to hold papers and many other things together.

Follow The Procedure Below:

Place a saucepan on fire.

3/4 cup of water should be poured into it.

Pour two tablespoons of light corn syrup, one tablespoon of white vinegar and 1/4 cup of cornstarch into the  saucepan containing the water.

Now whisk them together continuously until they are uniformly mixed.

A thick mixture is required to increase the quality of the glue so make sure you stir it—the mixture—repeatedly.

Whisk 1/4 cup of water and cornstarch in the airtight container you would like to store the glue you are preparing.

Now, take the saucepan off the fire and gently pour the glue into the airtight container containing the whisked mixture of water and cornstarch.

Whisk the hot glue together with the mixture of water and cornstarch in the airtight container continuously until it all blends up.

Note: Allow it to cool down before you start using it.