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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Is It Safe To Fly During Pregnancy?

According to several health professionals, flying (traveling by air) before week thirty six of pregnancy is somehow safe for pregnant women who has no known negative pregnancy health issues.
But to make sure you can travel without any fear of putting your pregnancy in jeopardy before you travel by air, you should get in touch with your health care provider.

Your health care provider might caution against air travel if you're experiencing pregnancy complications that might be worsened by air travel or require emergency care. The duration of the flight also should be considered. Similarly, your health care provider and many airlines might restrict travel after 36 weeks of pregnancy.

Most health care providers will suggest that, pregnant women should travel by air during their second trimester due to the low risk of any kind of pregnancy complications in such period. 
Traveling in the second trimester is considered the best because that is when your energy level will be high and your morning sickness will fade away completely.

If your health care provider allows you to travel by air (fly), here are some relevant informations and tips you should observe anytime you are flying:

1. Make sure efficient circulation is not disrupted. 
Blood clotting can have a lot of negative health effects on pregnancies that is why efficient blood circulation should never be disrupted. How can you improve blood circulation instead of disrupting it? You can promote blood circulation during flight through avoiding the wearing of restrictive clothing, extending ankles when seated, short breaks from sitting and strolling up and down the cabin.

Compression socks can be used to improve circulation too.
Sometimes flying a lot without observing activities that can help with blood circulation during pregnancy can lead to deep vein thrombosis.

2. Check out the airline's policy in order to be know their guidelines for pregnant women on board.

3. Do not forget to buckle up. 
Make sure you fasten the lap belt under your abdomen before and in the course of the trip.

4. Stay hydrated
Drinking a lot of fluids before and during the flight can be helpful in preventing any pregnancy health setbacks.

5. Stay away from drinks and foods that contains or produces gases. 
All foods and drinks that are known to contain gases should not be taken in before or during flight. As a pregnant woman, you should not even take in foods like that since they cause a little stomach upset. Carbonate drinks and many other drinks are known to contain enormous amount of gas.

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  1. In my opinion, it is better to stay at home during pregnancy. You can not predict, what may happen. You must take it all into account.