The Hidden Truths About WhatsApp (tips and tricks)

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the best messengers in the world currently. It provides a swift way to chat with others; share daily thoughts and activities in a written, picture or video form with the world through its status section; send files, videos, documents and music; and make video and audio calls.

However, it has some hidden truths that people are not fully aware of.

Here are two of such truths in details:

1. Watch other users status without them noticing.
People can literally spy on you on WhatsApp without you knowing. They can watch your statuses without it popping up that they have seen them.
This is what they do to avoid been seen:
They open their WhatsApp.
Go to "Settings"
Choose "Account"
Go to "Privacy"
Unmark "Read receipts"
And that is all. They are done. They can watch anyone's WhatsApp status without them noticing.

2. Delete message that has been sent but not read by the receiver.
Messages that has been sent but has not been read by the receiver can be literally deleted by the sender.
The downside of this is that, the receiver would get a notification once you have deleted the message.

3. Read a message without the sender noticing.
WhatsApp chats can pop up on the notification area of a phone and can be read without opening the app; this would not notify the receiver that you have read his or her message.

You can also unmark the "read receipt" in the "privacy" settings to prevent others from noticing that you have read their messages.

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