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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Tampon Or Pad, Which Is The Best?

This is probably one of the most asked questions by ladies: are tampons better than Menstrual pads or the other way around?
Well if you need a bold answer then I could courageously tell you that you are right place.

We will first talk about how both tampons and the pads work. After that, we will look at their pros. And then finalize it by showing you which of them we think is the best.

Menstrual pads are absorbent materials which are often sticked inside pants to absorb menstrual fluids as soon as they leave the body through the vagina.
Note: Panty liners are just like pads but a bit slimmer.

A tampon on the other hand is a material that is inserted into the vagina to absorb menstrual fluids.

Good Facts About Tampons (Pros)
1. An individual using it would not feel any wet sensation.

2. They come in comfortable sizes.

3. They do not affect free movement.

4. They cause no sensation.

Good Facts About Pads (Pros)
1. They are not inserted into the vagina.

2. Individuals who uses it would not experience any sort of leakages.

3. Pads can be used overnight.

4. Individuals who uses pads would not experience Toxic Shock Syndrome.

Tampon or Pad, which is better?
Now the main question; are tampons better than Pads or the other way round?
Well that solely depends on you; the one that you always feel comfortable using is definitely the best for you.
Most ladies prefer tampons because you can wear it with any outfit, ranging from short skirts to bikinisđź‘™.

Tampons are completely not visible when worn and can even be used for swimming unlike Pads which may be visible and cannot quite be worn with certain outfits like bikinis.

Tampons often keeps your menstruation private.

Note: It is not true that tampons are uncomfortable to use. After a tampon is inserted into the vagina, it should not be felt inside you, not even a little bit.

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