2 Major Ways To Upgrade Your AirPods For Better Fit, Sound, and Performance

For me personally, I think AirPods are one of the best wireless earbuds at the moment.

Their prices are quite reasonable, they offer great sound, they are durable and they literally connect and pair so well with apple devices.

Today, we take a good look at how you can upgrade these earbuds to suit your nature and taste.

1. Adding of ear tips.

Are your earbuds not fitting in your ears? If yes, then the best way to upgrade them to actually fit and stay in your ears is to add ear tips.

Ear tips can help AirPods to fit and stay  in your ears and also increase the intensity of sound by channeling it deeper into your ears.

2. Adding neck straps.

Does your AirPod flies out of your ear during any vigorous activity like running. If yes then I guess you should start looking for a neck strap.

Neck straps helps prevent AirPods from flying out of ears and also helps keep them dangling around the neck when they are not in use.

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