Advice To Obronis (whites): How To Avoid "Obroni Prices" In Ghana

Spending time with most of my Obroni friends has made me aware of several situations whites or Obronis go through during their visit or stay in Ghana. And one of such situation is the way sellers and taxi drivers tend to increase prices of items or goods and services respectively for whites.

There have been situations whereby items were sold twice or thrice its original price to foreigners.
Well, to the whites (obronis) reading this, I am going to teach you how to avoid such situations.

1. Always walk with a Ghanaian friend.
A Ghanaian who is familiar with almost everything would not allow his or her white friend to pay twice the price of items or services. He or she can help with negotiations.

2. Work on your negotiation skills.
Your negotiation skills is everything you need in Ghana to prevent the size of your purse from reducing at a very quick rate. If you are trying to buy something and you think the price is too much and you try to negotiate but the seller is not into it, simply walk away.

3. Try to be current.
Try as hard as you can to find out lorry fares and the prices of items you would like to buy and keep them in mind.

4. Learn any of the local languages.
Ghana is full of different local languages. Try to learn how to speak one or two. This can help avoid paying of obroni prices since most Ghanaians do develop soft spot for obronis who can speak any of the local languages.

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