World's deepest pool to open in Poland

Do you enjoy going so low? Well the world's deepest pool which is about to be opened in Poland can allow you to go as low as 148 feet which is equivalent to 45 meters.
It is going to have underwater caves and overhangs.

Professional scuba divers, this pool would be a perfect spot to train due to the amount of water this pool would hold. It will hold about 8,000 cubic meters of water!

At the moment, the pool is under construction in a town called Mszczonow. It is about 28 miles from Warsaw.

Apparently, 1,100 tons of steel is being used in the moulding of the whole structure.

According to reliable sources, the pool has been designed to be friendly to not just experienced divers but beginners as well.

Individuals who would like to enjoy the facility without getting wet can stick to the underwater tunnels specifically designed for spectators.