It is really sad to see a beautiful African lady bleaching her skin

It saddens any true African, who cherishes the dark melanin of an African skin, to see any African bleaching the skin.

Dark skinned women looks natural and are always recognised as proud Africans native to the best and most friendliest continent in the world, Africa.

As an African, Ghanaian to be precise, I do respect women who are absolutely proud of their natural skin colour.
I recently heard that a female Ghanaian musician called Becca has started bleaching her skin. In fact, I did not think it is true the first time I heard until I saw a new picture of her on  Instagram. I mean she was really proud of herself as a natural African woman at the beginning of her music career. She even did a song just for African women.
What has happened her? What changed her that much?

To all the proud, dark skinned African women out there, always continue to be yourself. Africa is truely proud you.

To all the celebrities, especially Fuse ODG, who has already started campaigning against skin bleaching should keep on with the good work.