Bill Gates just revealed his greatest mistake ever

Bill Gates, in the process of a  "fireside chat", could not hold back what he calls his "greatest mistake ever" when he was in full control of Microsoft.
Gates made it clear that, his greatest mistake ever is letting Google become the dominant non-Apple mobile operating system.

He further explained that, sometime ago, the market, as far as mobile operating systems are concerned, had room for just an Apple alternative. Microsoft should have produced a system to occupy that spot.
He said, Google won because of his mismanagement that led to Microsoft not competing hard enough.

At the moment,  1.5 billion people uses Microsoft Windows and 2 billion individuals uses Android. Android is literally the most dominant mobile operating system on the globe.

By the way, in April 2019, Microsoft became the third company worth a trillion dollar. Apple and Amazon are the other two companies that are also of similar worth.

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