Company criticised for paying female staff to wear skirts

A company in Russia known as Tatprof has received a whole lot of criticism for offering female employees bonuses to put on make-ups and wear skirts or dresses to work.

Tatprof is an aluminium manufacturing company. And according to the press officer of the company, they are currently running a "feminity marathon" campaign which will end on the 30th of June, 2019.

A female staff who decides to wear a skirt or dress which is not longer than 5cm from her knee, would be paid 100 roubles (which is equivalent to $1.5 or £1.19) on top of her regular wage.
Women must send a picture of themselves, dressed up in a skirt or dress, to the company so they can receive their bonus.

The whole campaign issue by the company did not sit well with majority of social media users. Most of people thinks it is a horrible treatment of women.