German Instagram couple ask strangers to pay for their £9,000 Africa holiday

Catalin Onc and his wife, Elena Engelhardt, are from Germany. They often travel to different parts of the world and in the process, take pictures. Most of these pictures ends up on their joint Instagram account called "Another Beautiful Day". It has over 34, 500 followers.

Places they have visited includes Paris, Copenhagen, Nepal and Bali.

Well, the part of the world this German couple now would like to explore is the African continent. In order for them to get to Africa and explore its beautiful nature, landscape and friendly people, they require an amount of £9,000.

They made it clear that they cannot work to save up such an amount of money to fund the trip so they need  help in a form of money from their followers.
They even went on to create a Go Fund Me Page to help receive the funds from their followers.
This couple were literally slammed by their followers. In fact, most of the followers were really disgusted by the whole issue; they made it clear that, they are truly disappointed in the couple.