Uber just announced the first international city outside the US that its flying taxis would be buzzing over

Melbourne, an Australian city, is the first city outside the US to host Uber Air trials.
"Uber Air" is a new project Uber as a company, is embarking on to help transport people via the sky from one place to another.

Dallas and Los Angeles in the US, will also be pilot cities.

The flights would be tested in the year, 2020 and in 2023, commercial operations would commence.

According to Uber, the "Uber Air" trip prices would be the same as that of "UberX" rides over equal distances.

Eric Allison, the global head of the Uber Elevate, made it clear that Uber Air will reduce road congestion.
 He said that, moving from Melbourne's CBD to its airport often takes between twenty five minutes to an hour but with Uber Air, it could be reduced to just ten minutes.

Uber, last year, revealed international cities that were being considered for the aviation project launch. These cities were Tokyo and Osaka in Japan; India with Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore; Australia in Melbourne or Sydney; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; and Paris, France.

Melbourne emerged as the perfect city among all the other cities for the Uber Air trials.

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