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Difference between Visa and Passport

A visa is a granted official permission that allows an individual to enter into a specific country. A visa request is always granted by an official of the government of the particular country which you would like to visit.

Visas are often stamps in a travelers passport. They can be in a form of a separate document as well.

There are numerous types of visas including a tourist visa, business visa,  temporary worker visa, student visa and many others.

A passport is an official document provided by the government of a nation.
Passports are to attest and confirm the nationality and identity of a person.

Name, date of birth, place of birth and sex are some of the key informations a passport contains.

There are several types of passports including Ordinary passport, Official passport, Diplomatic passport, Temporary passport, Family passport, Fantasy passport and many more.

Difference Between Visa And Passport
Visa is a granted official permission that gives a person the right to temporary stay in a foreign country whilst a passports on the other hand, is a document that confirms an individual's identity during travels.

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