Over 50 whales found dead on a beach in Iceland

On a shore at Longufjorur, numerous pilot whales were seen lying down dead by a pilot and his passengers who were on a plane flying overhead.
Source: thesun.com
According to the pilot of the plane, David Schwarzhans, he and his passengers counted the whales together as they were flying overhead.

David Schwarzhans made it clear that, there might have been more than the 50 pilot whales they counted since some may have been buried in the sand.
According to officials, the whales may have died because they were dehydrated.

Could the death of these innocent pilot whales be as a result of the much talked about climate change?

What are pilot whales by the way? Well, they are members of the dolphin family. And they can apparently grow and weigh up to 6 meters and 3 tons respectively.

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