Damn, You Need To Get Yourself One Of These Long Range E-bikes

E-bikes are one of the hottest electronic vehicles at the moment.
They are unique, efficient and environmentally friendly.

There are a whole lot of E-bikes out there but the one that has got a lot of people talking is the yet-to-be-released FUELL FLUID.

The FUELL FLUID is a long range E-bike by Erik Buell. In case you don't know Erik Buell, he was inducted into the American Motorcyclists Hall of Fame in 2002 after several years of experience in the motorcycle industry.

This electronic bike's two powerful batteries, whose power sums up to exactly 1008Wh, provides it with a travel range of about 200 kilometers. The cool thing is, those two batteries combined can be fully charged in just 5 hours.

FUELL FLUID is set to be released in September of this year (2019). So start saving some money so you can go for yours once it is out.

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