Look out for this new Lamborghini Hybrid Supercar

Terzo Millennio

Lamborghini just posted a teaser photo of the front view of a yet to come supercar on Instagram.

This new supercar as shown in the photo below, has Y-shape headlights and a glowing Lamborghini logo.
Can you quite remember that  Lamborghini announced sometime ago that they were working on a hybrid supercar called Terzo Millennio with M.I.T which is equipped with a special electric motor and autonomous driving capabilities? Yeah, this new supercar looks exactly like it.
Truth is, the Terzo Millennio was never released.
Terzo Millennio

AwayCande can say that, this new hybrid car could be released in September during the 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show.
And guys, I think it's going to be a car everyone would love to drive because we all know Lamborghini never disappoints.

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