Facebook to take away like, reaction and video view counts

We all, one way or the other, do post images, videos and many other things on Facebook just for likes; but is it everyone that prefer that the number of like, reaction and video view counts their posts gets be displayed to the general public? No I guess. Well it seems the social media giant has also noticed that and agrees with me.

On the 27th of September, 2019, the company, in other to verify and confirm what they have noticed, started a test that is aim at getting individuals to open up about what they want, that is, whether they prefer the like, reaction and video view counts be maintained or done away with.
The test is currently taking place in only Australia and when it's successful, it will maybe be implemented globally.

Several social media experts have suggested that like counts can be very addictive and can negatively impact an individual's mental health; this is quite evident in recent days; people are doing anything just for the likes, some even go to the extent of exposing their private parts.

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