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Monday, 14 October 2019

How to prepare pawpaw stew

Pawpaw stew is one of the best but it seems a lot of people don't even know such a stew exist.
Today, I want you to know that it exists. Furthermore, I am going to teach you how it's prepared; it's very easy and simple to prepare.

Ingredients needed
1. Pawpaw (you can use a fully ripened pawpaw but I prefer partially or not ripened ones).

2. Pepper.

3. Oil (you can use any type of oil but I would tell you to go for palm oil).

4. Fish or meat (if you are vegan, you can prepare it without meat or fish).

5. Anything you often add to any normal stew to make it more pleasant to you.

1. Wash your pawpaw.

2. Peel it.

3. Cut it into two equal parts and remove its seeds.

4. Cut them (I mean the two halves of the pawpaw) into smaller pieces.

5. Put them in a saucepan and add a little amount of water.

6. Boil them for a few minutes so they become a little bit soft.

7. Grind them in an earthenware bowl. You can use a blender.
Note: if you have a blender, you can prefer to grind them with it without cooking.

8. Now put another saucepan on fire and pour your oil into it.

9. Add your onion first, followed by the tomatoes, pepper, the meat or fish or both, and any other ingredient you prefer to make the stew taste the way you want.
Now add the grinded pawpaw paste.

10. Stir the stew so the pawpaw paste can mix evenly with all the ingredients.

Let it be on the fire for some minutes and keep on stirring.

11. Add water and allow it to boil for some time.
You are done, your pawpaw stew is ready.
Plantain and local organically grown yam with  pawpaw stew. Vegan!

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