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Sunday, 3 November 2019

List Of My Favourite Vegan Ghanaian Foods

Well, most foods in Ghana are suppose to be eaten with at least one or two animal products and this has resulted in most Ghanaians becoming very addicted to them.

Apparently, Ghanaian foods that can be eaten smoothly without any animal product are very few. What you should keep in mind is that, some Ghanaian foods that are supposed to be consumed with animal products can be eaten without them if only you would feel comfortable doing that. Example, foods like fufu, banku, tuozafi, kokonte and many others that are often eaten with fish and meat can be consumed without them.

Now let's take a look the foods that are widely known by Ghanaians as foods that are often eaten without any animal product.

Kelewele is prepared by cutting ripened plantain into little cubes, rubbing them in spices and frying them. It is very easy to prepare.

Red Red
Red Red is one of the most popular foods in Ghana. It's 100% vegan; made up of beans, red palm oil, fried plantain, and sometimes gari.

Jollof rice

Some people prefer jollof rice cooked with animal products, others on the other hand, do like their jollof rice free from any animal product. Jollof is one of the best vegan foods out here in Ghana.

Wakye, a very popular Ghanaian food,  constitutes of mainly rice and beans. It is a very balanced and perfect vegan food.

Koliko is fried yam with hot pepper. If you are not good with hot chili peppers then opt in for stew or shito.

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