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Messi deserves a Seventh Ballon d'Or after his hat trick against Mallorca

Messi is football, he is just born for it. Many people believe he is not from this planet and it may be true. The kind of football Messi plays is just out of this world.

He is literally getting old — which many thought would negatively impact his performance — but that isn't the case at all; he is actually getting better and better day in day out.

On Saturday 7th December, 2019, he displayed one of the most spectacular performance of his career against Mallorca after he walked onto the football pitch with his record sixth ballon d'Or trophy he won at the just ended ballon d'Or award ceremony in France. He walked onto the pitch with his three kids.

He scored a hat trick; his 35th hat trick on the night which makes him the player with the most hat tricks in the Spanish La Liga ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo who has 34.

He missed the first seven matches in the current La Liga season but is currently the top goalscorer with 12 goals just one ahead of Real Madrid's Karim Benzema.

The final score on the night was:
Barcelona FC 5:2 Mallorca FC
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